Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hannah Montana Movie Marathon

Bella got the movie.

We watch the movie. A lot.

So here's our impartial review: Good. (If you like your geek, here's a binary review: 1.)

The story is sappy and formulaic. The expanded memes and story threads from the Disney TV show excite and bother the regular—if reluctant—viewer. The retconning, nerdspeak for retroactive continuity, of previously established facts from the TV show are so glaring they get in front of the story.

One might find it disturbing that we can even cite the differences between TV and Movie story lines. Have 6-7 year old daughter, have understanding.

As adults you have to get past the glaring improbabilities, i.e., Miley Cyrus does her own make up, picks her wardrobe, or casually worries about dismissing her father from the dressing room at concerts, "Clark Kent" disguises make two people from one, and bands can play extemporaneously written pieces with practiced precision. Once the disbelief is suspended, or pushed aside, the movie stands on its own.

The brother-sister rivalry from the TV is missed and only evident at the end when Justin gives Miley the "L(oser) hand" during a impromptu (yeah, right) charity concert. Lilly and the gang of TV confederates needed more screen time. The Hoedown Line Dance is fun (and fun to watch the crew make a mockery of it in the out-takes during the credits).

Hannah Montana The Movie, with six viewings in a weekend and more to come, grows on you.

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