Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Google This

Your intrepid editor is stealing an idea from the creator of blojsom, the software behind (the idea? glad you asked).

Without further delay, here’s some of the more interesting search phrases that brought people to in February.

  • sean culliney — We know Sean, but can't put you in touch, sorry.
  • jimmy hendricks picture — Nothing to see here, move along please.
  • aim icon hasselhoff — Maybe you can use one of these images for your icon.
  • photo of me in curlers — I would hope you would have your own pictures of you in curlers, ’cause I ain’t sharing mine (the curlers or the photos).
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Comment: Kristen at Tue, 28 Mar 11:07 PM

"Only a WFRP 2e refugee is mad enough."

Comment: Timothy Stone at Wed, 29 Mar 9:02 AM

"Only a WFRP 2e refugee is mad enough."

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